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Gross Family Maternity – Double Mini Session at Ault park

Whenever Clients refer their bffs my way I always feel like I already know them. This was definitely true for Kate’s maternity and family double mini session. It was so fun capturing their family of three before they add their newest member. <3

Collins and Seraphine – Maternity session at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

Collins and Seraphine met me at Ault park for their maternity mini session on the perfect summer morning. Seraphine came in fierce in the perfect dress.

Danielle’s mini maternity pictures at Glenwood Gardens

Danielle and I originally scheduled her mini maternity session at Ault Park, but the moment I went to take our first picture of the session the sky opened up and it started pouring rain. It made for some fun pictures, but the shoot could only lasy about 5 minutes. So we met at Glenwood Gardens for a reshoot.

Jenkins Maternity Mini pictures at Smale Park

The Jenkins’ met me at Smale Park for their maternity mini session. It was so fun to capture their connection as they laughed through the entire session.

Ruff Family Maternity Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Ruff family are expecting a new member and they wanted to include their pups in their maternity pictures. We decided to do a double maternity session at Ault park and we were so lucky that it was a gorgeous day for a session.

Sara & Paul – Couple’s Maternity Pictures at French Park

First I photographed Paul and Sarah’s wedding day, now their maternity pictures before they become a family of three. My favorite part of being a photographer is that I get to capture my couples turn into families. Then seeing those little ones grow. Its honestly the coolest feeling. So there they are, the last time as 2.5.

Adams Family Maternity Pictures- Mini Session on the banks of the Little Miami River

The Adams family met me at Nisbet Park in Loveland, Ohio to capture some family pictures in a mini session. You may notice a bump! I love capturing maternity pictures just as a family session and you can see what life looks like in this chapter, while still including older siblings. So the focus isn’t all bump – classic second baby vibes anyway 😛

Short Family Mini Maternity Pictures – Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Short family celebrated the newest member of their family with a maternity mini session at Ault Park. Since we wanted to get a lot including big sister Ella too, we did two minis in a row to allow for plenty of time to focus on both.

Hobson Family -Gender Reveal and Baby Announcement Mini at Ault Park

I met the Hobson family at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our focus was to capture some super early bump pictures to announce their pregnancy.

Wright Couples Maternity – Christmas time in-home session

First things first we need to address the Hogwarts nursery and the overall aesthetic of their home that I was fangirling over. Then we can talk about how absolutely sweet and in love these two are. Their baby girls are going to be so loved.

Feliciano Maternity Session at French Park

I love mini sessions for maternity pictures because it is the perfect amount of time to feel on your bump while loving on your person, and maybe a pup.

Graves Family – Mini session at the Christmas Tree Farm

The Graves Family announced some exciting news for their mini session at the Christmas Tree farm. What a fun Christmas card to get in the mail!

Erin Maternity Pictures – Loveland, Ohio

I met Erin at her home in Loveland in Ohio to capture maternity pictures for her. In addition to exploring her gorgeous property, we took a few pictures in her master bathroom and had a milk bath maternity session.

Schreiner Maternity Mini Session – with pups!

I love to include pets in photo sessions, so I was happy that the Shreiners wanted to include their two dogs in their fall maternity picture sat Sharon Woods.

Small Family Fall mini session at Sharon Woods

The Small Family explored sharon woods to celebrate fall, and some other exciting news, during their mini session.

Washburn Family Maternity Mini Pictures at Sharon Woods – Cincinnati, Ohio

I met the Wherry Family at Sharon Woods in Cincinnati, Ohio to capture their maternity pictures at a mini photography session.

Bradley Family Maternity Pictures – Cincinnati, Ohio

It was so fun capturing the Bradley families maternity session and exploring the park together looking for the autumn colors. It was their first time experiencing fall, so it was really fun listening to them love and experience one of my favorite things about Ohio. <3

Gonthier Family – Spooky Vibes Maternity Session – Cincinnati, Ohio

I met the Gonthier family at their home in Cincinnati, Ohio, a few houses down from mine actually, for their maternity pictures. Since their little one is due in October, we decided to spook it up with some witchy vibes and smoke bombs. LOVE!

pink smoke bomb means, its a girl! : Bradley Family Gender Reveal Pictures in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Bradley’s and I met for a gender reveal session at Ault Park! they came prepared with great props to share their news! My all-time favorite prop to play with is definitely smoke bombs, so I was excited to see they brought two along. Plus a leaderboard, balloon and Sherille’s gorgeous pink dress are all […]

Madison – Cincinnati Maternity session in the Cherry Blossoms

I met Madison at Ault Park in Cincinnati, ohio just as the cherry blossoms were starting to bloom for her maternity session.