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Hartfield Family – Double Mini at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Hatfield family were back in town to visit their family for Easter weekend and wanted to capture family pictures. It was the perfect time to meet at Ault Park because the spring cherry blossoms

Extended Family Mini – Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

Elisha reached out to me early this spring to schedule pictures with her siblings and their families with their parents to capture some generation family photos.

Short Family Mini Maternity Pictures – Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The Short family celebrated the newest member of their family with a maternity mini session at Ault Park. Since we wanted to get a lot including big sister Ella too, we did two minis in a row to allow for plenty of time to focus on both.

Steward Family Mini – Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

I met the Steward family at Ault Park early this spring for their family pictures.

Hartmann Family Mini – Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

I met the Hartmann family at Ault park for their spring family session.

Laudick Family – Christmas Mini

Seeing my kiddos grow from newborn to kids is always such a joy for me. So it was extra special seeing the Laudick family and their two trouble makers for the Christmas mini session.

Theo is 9 months old – mini session

The Hartmanns came out for my winter mini session to get 9 month photos of Theo. Annie is clearly mom level 2.0 because for Theo being in the second kid he has all the same photo ops as Evvie.

Winter Family Session- Ault Park Mini Session

It has been a few months since I last saw everyone at Hannah and Ryan’s wedding this summer. It was great seeing them again and exploring Ault Park with their dogs.

Bowers Family – Mini Session at Ault Park

The Bowers family came to Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio for their fall family pictures. They included their sweet pup for the occasion too.

Neumann Family – mini session at Ault Park

I have been photographing the Neumann family since they first became a family of three.

Magnus Family Mini Session at Ault Park

This time last year I was meeting the Magnus Family at Ault Park and things were looking a little different.

Hughes Family – Christmas Tree Farm Photos

The Hughes family came out to the Christmas Tree farm for their family photos.

Grant Family – Mini session at the Christmas Tree farm

I me the Grant Family at the Christmas Tree Farm for their family pictures.

Van Belle mini session at the Christmas Tree Farm

The second time in just a month I got to see the Van Belle Family, this time for their mini session at the Christmas tree farm.

Anderson Family – Mini Session at the Christmas Tree Farm

The Anderson Family had some family pictures taken at my Christmas Tree Farm mini session this year. I love that Heather brought a book to read to the boys too.

Speakes Family – Mini Session at the Christmas Tree Farm

It was so fun exploring the Christmas Tree Farm with the Speakes Family for their mini session.

Solohub family – Mini Session at Christmas Tree Farm

The last time I saw the Solohub family was for their maternity session last year. So it was great getting to see his smiling face for their Christmas Tree Farm mini session.

Jackson Family Fall Pictures – Mini Sessions at Summit Park

I met the Jackson Family at Summit Park for their Fall Family pictures. I love that the kiddos have their own portrait moment too since they are homeschooled and these are their school pictures too.

Kelly Family Fall Pictures – Mini Session at Summit Park

The Kelly Family came out to summit park to capture some gorgeous fall family photos.

Santillan Family Fall Pictures – Summit Park Mini Sessions

The Santillan Family explored Summit Park with me for their fall family mini session.