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Koopman Family Pictures at Washington Park in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio

The Koopman family were the only family willing to meet in the heat of August for Augusts mini sessions. So I let them pick between two locations, and Washington Park in Over the Rhine was the winner. Their Double mini session was divided into one family mini session, and one cash smash mini session. It was so fun exploring with them and capturing their little wild one.

Christy Brock – New Adventures Counseling – Portraits

Christy Brock, LISW-S is a clinician in Cincinnati, Ohio. She started her own practice New Adventures Counseling in 2018 and she has grown so much both personally and professionally in the past three years, she now has professional headshots that match that.

The Sarty’s – Ten year anniversary photo session at Washington Park

These two lovebirds came south for the weekend to Cincinnati, Ohio to celebrate their ten year anniversary.