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Hello! It has been a wild ride figuring out how to best manage what has really this last year become a business. In a pandemic, who would have thought. For those who may not know, my love of photography started years and years ago as I saved up and bought my first camera, A canon T2I. After that, I really brought my camera along for everything so I could learn everything I could about photography and I have A LOT of (bad) Shutterfly photobooks to prove it.

As my friends fell in love and lived their life, I wanted to capture theirs too. After a while it was getting weird to post the photos I took of my friends o my Facebook page, so I started a Facebook. (I was sooo nervous.) Then, my photos were getting good enough that my friends were willing to share those pictures on their own page. Their friends were starting to notice and like my page. A few of my friends trusted me to capture their weddings and precious moments and through that, I gained so much confidence and knowledge. Luckily I am pretty website savvy through work and the rest has been history. So Thank you to the friends and family and people who called me a photographer long before I called myself one. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for letting me do something I really love and capture your loved ones.

So all that to say, keep a look out for some 2021 changes. Specifically, price changes and more of an emphasis on mini sessions to best allow me to schedule the same number of sessions a month, without losing all of my weekends with my family. <3

If you had a session with me in 2020 and you have any feedback about your experience, please let me know by emailing

If you are interested in 2020 introductory pricing, please book now! Prices will be changing 12/15

Thank you, Kristin Henderson

Lots of Love From:

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