Brooklyn & Joseph Brandstetter – Mt.Sterling Fall Wedding at The Mercantile

Picture this: a venue lit by a constellation of sparkly lights, a celebration draped in shades of terracotta, green, cream, and blush, and the air filled with the kind of warmth only a perfect fall day can offer. The Mercantile hosted us, and boy, did it deliver with its charm!

The embroidered florals on her veil mirrored the lush bouquets that adorned the space, a symphony of terracotta, green, cream, and blush that echoed the couple’s eclectic taste.

Brooklyn absolutely shone in her third dress pick—a true testament that when you know, you just know. Her embroidered floral veil? A masterpiece. And their gazes? Locked in a universe of love, especially during their eagerly awaited first dance.

I’ve been lucky to be the Brandstetter’s go-to photographer for ages, and capturing all of them together, on such a joyous occasion, was a treat. Who knew they could tear up the dance floor like this!?

Big love to The Mercantile for the backdrop, and a round of applause for all the vendors. This day? It was one for the books.

Venue: The Mercantile

Photographer: Kristin Brown photography

Dinner: Buckeye Boys BBQ

Desert: Chocolate Melts LLC

Lots of Love From:

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