Chester and Maria – Engagement Session at Miami Whitewater park

It was the perfect day for engagement pictures with with Chester and Maria at Miami Whitewater. We explored the park just as it was starting to feel like fall and talked wedding plans. I am so excited to photographer Chester and Maria’s Cincinnati wedding next September.

Now I know that these two cuties met in gym class when Chester totally hit her in the head with a ball. I know that they have are here for the snuggles and that their wedding day is going to be a blast.

Plus – bonus- you get amazing pictures of you and the love of your life. win/win!

The next image was totally Chester’s idea and I was here for it cause lets be real Maria is catch.

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Most of my wedding packages come with engagement pictures because it is so much easier to create great photographs on your wedding day when it isn’t the first time that we have met.

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