Kasey Young- New adventures counseling’s newest intern – Headshots in Cincinnati, Ohio

I first met Kasey at the mental health practice where we both worked. She was the friendly, ever-smiling face at the front desk, the first point of contact for anyone who walked through those doors seeking help and hope. Kasey, with her warm demeanor, made everyone feel welcomed and at ease.

Over time, I watched Kasey grow and evolve, not just in her role at the practice but in her personal aspirations too.

Fast forward to today, Kasey has taken a significant leap in her career. She’s no longer the first face you see at the front desk. Instead, she’s now an intern at New Adventures Counseling, working hands-on to make a difference in people’s lives. Her growth is not just a testament to her dedication but also an inspiration to many.

To mark this new chapter in her professional life, Kasey approached me for a headshot session. The goal was to capture her professionalism, her warmth, and the essence of who she is as a budding mental health professional.

You can read her bio and learn more about Kasey here!

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