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Hey there!

McElroy Family Mini Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

The McElroy family met me at Ault park for their summer family mini session. Their family pictures were so fun to capture. Especially their two boys.

Dean Family – Summer Mini Pictures at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

It was so fun seeing the Dean family for their mini session at Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. It has been so fun to see them over the years as their family has grown. As usual the easiest family member to photograph was Fenway.

Dirr Family Mini Photos at Smale Park

Its extra special to see the Dirr family at smale park for their mini session, since Brigid is my hairstylist and I get to put faces to the names in her stories over the year. We have talked about her home and the photo galleries she likes to create, so it makes me smile to know that these smiles are going on her walls. <3

Hensler Family mini photos at Smale Park

It was great to see the Hensler family again for the spring family photos at Smale Park.

Ballman Family Mini Photos at Smale Park

It was so fun to capture The Ballman family at Smale park for their spring family photos. Seeing the girls personalities really shine through in these images really made me laugh out loud a few times while editing.

Kalemba Family Fall Mini Session – Cincinnati, Ohio

I photographed the Kalemba Family at Sharon Woods and had so much fun capturing their fall family pictures.

Hannah Family fall photos at Sharon Woods – Cincinnati, Ohio

I met the Hannah Family at Sharon Woods in Cincinnati, Ohio to capture their first-ever family photos. Bonus, since the kiddos were such great listeners we had some extra time to get some fun, candid pictures at the playground.

Huber Family mini photo session at Mt.Airy Arboretum

The Huber family and I explored Mt. Airy Arboretum for their summer family mini session. You can see both of the kiddos personalities truly shine, that’s why I love Candids. <3

Simcik Family – Spring Pictures at Smale Park

Love is clearly in the air for the Simcik family during their spring mini session at Smale Riverfront Park. Maybe because it was Lindsay and Ben’s anniversary? Maybe because the boys have that special twin connection.

Dean Family – Spring Pictures at Smale Park

I met the Dean family at Smale park for their spring pictures.

Mullins Family -Cincinnati Winter Pictures

The Mullins met me at The Cincinnati Nature Center in Milford, Ohio for their winter family photos.

The Howard Family – Cincinnati Mini Session at the Christmas tree farm

The Howard family explored the Christmas tree farm with me for our Christmas themed mini session.

The Jackson Family – Fall Pictures at Ault Park

I absolutely loved photographing the Jackson family for their fall pictures. Nikki and her family were down to explore Ault Park and genuinely were having a blast hanging out together.

DeLong Family – Fall Mini Session at Ault Park

The DeLong family has a running tradition for yearly fall mini sessions at Ault Park. Which basically makes my day because I have gotten to see their two boys grow up before my eyes.

Tommolino Family Pictures – Mini Session at Ault Park

The Tommolino Family came to Ault Park to capture some fun fall family pictures with a mini session. We threw leaves, swung down the walkways and had lots of cuddles. This is one proud big sister guys 🙂

The Scott Family – Cincinnati Pictures at Smale Riverfront Park

I met the Scott Family on the Ohio Riverfront at Smale Park in Downtown Cincinnati.

The Rodriguez Family Pictures – Cincinnati Family Photographer

It was so nice to meet the Rodriguez family to capture their fall pictures with a mini session.

The Longworth Family – Cincinnati Fall Mini Session

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since I last saw the longworth family for Grace’s newborn session. One year later and we are meeting up again for a family fall mini session.