Tisch Family in home newborn session – Cincinnati, Ohio

On a bright Cincinnati morning, the Tisch household buzzed with the energy of a family adjusting to its newest member. Inside their home, where every corner told a story of lived-in love and daily adventures, I captured the first chapter of their expanded family’s story. The session was beautifully chaotic, with moments of serene connection punctuated by the lively antics of Gwendolyn and the occasional appearance of the family cats, who were as much a part of this family portrait as anyone.

Capturing the essence of the Tisch family was about more than just posing; it was about storytelling. The poignant interactions between two-year-old Gwendolyn and her new sibling were particularly moving. Each frame showcased her tentative curiosity and gentle affection, encapsulating the incredible bond that was just beginning to form. The parents hoped to freeze moments of both chaos and love, and the playful disorder of their everyday life provided the perfect backdrop for my lens.

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