A Day of Love and Laughter: Sean and Kerrie’s Wedding at Soli Tree Farms

Sean and Kerrie, a couple full of love and joy, tied the knot at the stunning Soli Tree Farms in Augusta, Kentucky.

Kerrie got ready in the gorgeous bridal suite crisscross applesauce on the floor in front of the full length mirror while Sean and crew set up the wedding space. He really wanted to be surprised seeing her and her dress for the first look, so he hid his face behind a plate. It was well worth it, because the first look was emotional for both of them.

Soli Tree Farms, with its renovated barn set on a hill overlooking the Ohio River, provided a breathtaking backdrop for this special day. The rustic charm of the barn, coupled with the natural beauty of the surroundings, created a setting as beautiful as the love story I was there to capture.

Sean and Kerrie’s excitement was palpable throughout the day. From the anticipation of seeing each other for the first time, to the joyous moment of walking back up the aisle hand in hand, their love for each other shone brightly.

The couple opted not to have formal family photos, choosing instead to focus on capturing fun, candid moments throughout the wedding. This decision truly reflected their vibrant personalities and the atmosphere of their wedding day. The result was a collection of lively and authentic photos that captured the spirit of the day – the laughter, the dancing, the toasts, and the joy shared by family and friends.

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